Visual Spatial Learners

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This page is a collection of links to information and articles that may be of interest to parents and teachers of gifted visual spatial children.

You will find further information and links about visual spatial learners in The Beginner’s Guide to Life on the Bright Side and also in Gifted Children: Resources for Parents and Teachers in WA.

The Visual Spatial Learner: An Introduction (web page) by Linda Silverman

The Visual Spatial learner article silvermanThe Visual Spatial Learner (article) by Linda Silverman

The visual Spatial Learner (including info on physiological and personality factors as well as traditional education) by Linda Silverman and Jeff Freed

A Global look at Strategies for Visual Spatial Learners by Kay Pittelkow (2003)

A comparison of the characteristics of Visual Spatial and Auditory Sequential learners

Articles on the Visual Spatial Learner concept covering topics such as teaching maths to VS learners, teaching reading, timed tests, handwriting ** highly recommended reading **

Information for parents Do you have a VS child?, Amazing strengths of VS learners and links to more info

I Think in Pictures, You Teach in Words by Lesley Sword

The Visual Spatial Learner in School by Betty Maxwell

The Power of Visual Thinking by Lesley Sword

The Visual Spatial Resource This  website has information for parents, teachers and children as well as links to research and articles.

Visual Spatial Identifier for use by observers (inc teachers) A checklist to assist teachers in finding the many visual spatial children in their classroom

Articles and information for teachers with information about the proportion of VS learners, tips for teaching picture thinkers and links to more information

Are you a Visual Spatial Adult?

Links to a range of articles by a number of experts

Strategies for Visual Spatial Learners by Linda Silverman and Jeff Freed

A Visualisation Approach to Spelling

Spelling in Pictures by Cate Clark

The Writing Problems of Visual Thinkers by Gerald Grow

Are you a creator? an article for children

Visual Spatial Thinking from Gifted and Creative Services

Eye To Eye: Cconnecting with visual spatial learners

Upside Down Brilliance: The Visual Spatial Learner by Linda Silverman. This wonderful resource is available in Australia even though it has has been out of print  in the USA for some time.

Link to the page on the Gifted Resources website with a number of resources available useful links to other sites and information