Parenting Gifted Children

Learn More about giftedness

There are a number of sites where you will find information relating to parenting gifted children. Here are a few you may like to start with.

You will find further information and links in The Beginner’s Guide to Life on the Bright Side and also in Gifted Children: Resources for Parents and Teachers in WA.


The effects of Sibling Competition –  Information about how sibling competition can increase underachievement, the effects on two close aged same gender children, following a very talented older child, being the baby of the family and what parents can do to create a ‘whole smart family’.

Sylvia Rimm’s newsletter – On Raising Kids – A United Front

Dr Sylvia Rimm’s articles for Parents including How to Parent so Children will Learn

So Your Child is Gifted

Create a Strengths, Weaknesses and Changes Chart

Teaching Social Skills

Peer Influence

Personality Type and School Adjustment  by Deborah Ruf

Personality development and the pursuit of excellence by Linda Silverman

10 Tips for parents of Gifted Students

Tips for raising happy and successful children by James Delisle

Life in the Asynchronous Family By Kathi Kearney

Allowing Flowers to Bloom – Parenting gifted children, from Tall Poppies magazine (NZ)Feb 2010

Drawing development in Children  Perspectives on mental and creative stages of development in children as expressed in their drawing. Includes illustrations of the stages.

Boys – Raising Amazing Boys

Girls – See Jane Win book and Website

The Top Ten Problems Girls and Women Face

Coming Out Gifted‘ by Lisa Ericson

Similarities and Differences in Intellectual Ability amongst Siblings by Minh Nguyen-Hoan and Fiona Smith (Gifted Minds)

Simon Says Don’t Use Flashcards – a great article about the types of games to play at home (instead of flashcards) to help increase your child’s ability to do well in school.