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There are endless websites available which may be of interest to gifted children. The following are just a sample of what might be of interest.

Reading, Writing and Spelling

Big Brown Bear  Early reading games and activities including magnetic letters, phoneme spinner (blending sounds to read words), through to finding nouns, verbs and adjectives up to Yr 5 level.

Fun with Words This website has an excellent collection of word based activities, including Tom Swifties and also information on etymology.

Books for Gifted Readers – a searchable database of book reviews that take gifted readers into account! A tool that helps you identify satisfying books for a particular reader…”

Spelling City An online spelling program with games to teach and test your words

The Ultimate Guide to Spelling Resources Learn strategies for becoming a better speller, memory aids for spelling, words to watch our for and more.

Storybird is a storytelling website allowing users to collaborate with artists and enthusiasts to produce fun, simple tools to make short, visual stories.

Ace Reader Learn the skills of speed reading

Free iBooks


Learn the Times Tables the Fun Way   This website has a number of different games and activities to help kids learn the times tables. It also includes a link to a game called Time Attack which uses a video style game to teach tables. The base version of this software is available free. Also from this site is the book Memorise in Minutes: The Times Tables  which uses pictures, stories and games along with humour to teach the tables.


Times Tables Video style game  from Big Brainz. This site has an interesting game to teach times tables.

Free Must-Have iPad apps for Elementary Maths

Other links

Chess WA Junior Chess Clubs Directory A list of clubs in WA where young people can learn the skills of chess. You may find other information of interest on this site. Or alternatively have a look at the Chess Association of WA website

Fun Invention Playhouse How many different ways can you help the ball reach its goal.

Drama WA Youth Theatre Company Are you MAD about drama? Do your friends think you’re a bit WEIRD about it all? The WA Youth Theatre Co presents an exciting new workshop series designed for people just like you!  THEATRE WEIRDOS is for 11-14 and 15-19 year olds who just can’t get enough of the theatre.  The first term runs from 1 May until 19 June for two hours each Sunday. These intensive workshops are designed for the serious drama student who wants to learn from experienced theatre professionals in a fun, yet challenging way in the vibrant atmosphere of the King Street Arts Centre.  Also available for young people between the ages of 11 and 26 is our Masterclass series. Email for more information

For those interested in flight:” Robin Whirlybird on her Rotorcraft Adventuresis an online interactive, multimedia book that brings the aeronautics of rotorcraft flight together with reading. Aimed at students K – 4, you will learn how rotors generate lift, expand vocab and experience rotorcraft flight research. Interact with the text, conduct your own aeronautical investigations and build helicopters online.

Kite Factory Info on different kites, mail order available

Diplomacy – a strategic board game In this game of strategy 7 players form alliances with the aim of gaining possession of major cities or provinces in Europe. Available as a board game but also played via email. I first saw this game which will appeal to high school students particularly at the Roeper Senior School in the USA where they play by adding their ‘moves’ to a pin board by an agreed time at which the moves are played. The players have changed over time but the game has been in play continually for more than 7 years there. See this page onWikipediafor more information.