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This section of the website contains links to other sites for general information which may be of interest to parents.  You will also find more links to information on specific topics in various other parts of the website and many, many nore in Derrin’s resource book Gifted Children: Resources for Parents and Teachers in WA.

Byrdseed Gifted Ian Byrd

Gifted Child Personality Types and Effective School Lesson Plans by Deb Ruf

Faster Isn’t Smarter: Messages about Math, Teaching and Learning in the 21st  A review of this book plus links to downloadable chapters from the book, providing interesting insights.

A Message to New Teachers of Gifted Children  by James Delisle, PhD. An article that outlines ‘some things worth knowing from a veteran educator who learned them the hard way”

Gagne’s Ten commandments of Talent Development

DEST Gifted Education Professional Development Package  This package was sent to all schools in Australia in 2005. The following modules are available for Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary students. Core, Extension and Specialisation level units are included. Modules 1 Understanding Giftedness  Module 2 Identifying Gifted Students  Module 3 Social and Emotional Development  Module 4 Underachievement in Gifted Students  Module 5 Curriculum Differentiation for Gifted Students  Module 6 Developing Programs for Gifted Students. (the original link to the materials on the DEST website has expired. The materials can now be accessed via the link to FOI above).

Australian Theses in the fields of creativity and gifted education

Recommendations from the Victorian Inquiry into the Education of GIfted and Talented Students (June 2012). This inquiry follows a Senate Inquiry in 1988 and another in 2000. The findings of the recent Victorian Inquiry strongly reflect those of the two previous inquiries.

Improve Your Gifted Classroom 7 ways by Ian Byrd

Interview with Joyce Van Tassel-Baska from the College of William and Mary (USA). Her emphasis throughout her career has been on curriculum.

Teacher-attitudes-towards-the-gifted-PD-and-sch-culture-AJEGTeacher attitudes towards the gifted: The importance of Professional Development and School Culture

This edition of Gifted and Talented International includes an article about teacher attitudes.


A comprehensive collection of links to programs, competitions, resources and readings can be found in Gifted Children: Resources for Parents and Teachers in WA  available from Thinking Ahead.


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