How to get your ebook onto your computer or device

Please note you need to download the file to your computer  before you can get it to your iPad or device (It won’t work if you try to download it directly to a device)

When you download the ebook file (.mobi file) it will go to your Downloads folder on your computer (PC or Mac).

You will need the Kindle app to read your ebook. It is available free from iTunes or from Amazon. Download and install the app and it is easy from there.

Go to Downloads and find the ebook you just downloaded. When you click to open the file it will ask you what program you want to use. Choose Kindle.

Alternatively you can get the Send to Kindle App (from Amazon) which allows you to send documents in various formats to your Kindle (or Kindle for iPad or Kindle for PC)

Once it is loaded you right click on any document in Explorer and select Send to Kindle. The document is delivered wirelessly and arrives in your Kindle account within a few minutes. Amazon indicate that when you turn on your Kindle it will look for updates and your new file will appear read to read.

Alternatively, you can email the file to your Kindle address.

Or you may prefer this link to useful information about  how to send ebooks and other documents to your Kindle