Gifted Children Thriving at School A self paced advocacy course for parents

based on Gifted and Thriving at School by Derrin Cramer

This self-study course is based on the material in Gifted and Thriving at School: How proactive parents can get the education that fits their child but includes new material and practical tasks to lead you through each step of the process of gathering information, building relationships and advocating for the education that fits your gifted child.

It is designed to provide you with a tried and tested step-by-step structure to guide you as you build the knowledge and confidence you need to advocate effectively for your child. Each step will provide you with information, suggestions and tasks you can complete.  Everyone’s experience is slightly different and personality and circumstances will play a part in your journey but if you work through the steps outlined, you will have covered the critical things which will give you the best chance of getting the education that fits your child and seeing them thrive as a learner.

The 7 part course will be delivered to you via email. Every second day over the course of 2 weeks you will receive a document between 6 and 13 pages long. You can work through the information and tasks as they arrive, or at your own pace.
When our youngest daughter got her driver’s licence and moved from L plates to P plates she posted a message on Facebook asking ‘What comes after yellow and black?’ The answer – ‘Red and white!’
Six months later she could ask What comes after red and white? and answer ‘Green and white!’

Think of this course not as moving from L to P plates (think Parent plates), but more like moving from ‘Red P’s’ to ‘Green P’s’ – from Parents to Proactive Parents.

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