Gifted and Thriving at School

How proactive parents can get the education that fits their child Gifted and Thriving at School: How proactive parents can get the education that fits their child by Derrin Cramer

by Derrin Cramer

This book is packed with tips and strategies which will build your knowledge and confidence so you can effectively advocate for your child. It will lead you through the process of gathering and organising the information you need, building positive relationships with your child’s school, preparing for and attending meetings plus ways to communicate effectively, leaving you feeling confident that you can guide the process of seeking the education that fits your child’s needs.


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Praise and reviews from readers

“Can I just say, as a parent with a child who I am sure has some degree of giftedness, I have found this to be such an educational book. I am meeting with Connor’s teacher this coming week and you can be sure, I have taken lots of hints from here on how to handle the meeting. I thank you on behalf of every parent of a gifted child!”

“Just read the book and I have to say “THANK YOU!” What a fabulous way of helping parents get through the first phase. I remember back when I first approached J’s school I was so nervous and intimidated about approaching the teachers, but your book will give parents the confidence to stand up and be heard! I love the organisational advice and I have already set up my 3 files and started photocopying articles and going through the giant box of papers, and I can now feel confident to take some reading to J’s teacher and approach her without making her feel like she isn’t doing her job properly! ”

“What a great road map – laid out so that you are guided from one step to the next. Truly empowering”