Thinking Ahead Extension Workshops presents
Gifted Children in the Classroom
                           Making a Difference

 May 29 and 30 2005
Learning through a Child’s Eyes: Parenting and Teaching
in the Early Childhood Years

A 2 day conference for Parents and Teachers
(single day registration available)
Workshop sessions will be led by a team of leading experts in early childhood and primary education, including:
Dr Cathie Harrison – author of ‘Giftedness in Early Childhood’ and ‘Young Gifted Children: Their search for connection and complexity’ (in publication)

Fiona Smith B.A. (Hons Psych), M.Ed (Gifted Education) – Psychologist

Bronwyn MacLeod M.Ed, C.O.G.E. – co-author of ‘Differentiating the Curriculum for Primary Students’ and ‘Differentiating the Curriculum for Secondary Students’, author of ‘Rainforests: A differentiated unit of work’

presented by Thinking Ahead and Gateways Education

Further information available soon

Presented by Thinking Ahead Extension Workshops (ABN 50 017 429 348)