The EXPLORE Test 2009

The results from the EXPLORE testing conducted on June 6th 2009 have arrived back and are ready to be dispatched to you.

The documents below compliment the information you will receive by post.

The 2009 Planning and Resource Guide for EXPLORE Test-takers
You need to download a copy of the Planning Guide below to assist you in making sense of your child’s results. Some of the information in this booklet relates to the US school system and is not directly applicable to the school programs in WA, however it will give you some idea of what might be appropriate for your child. (as the testing this year was run as a pilot program the documents have not been modified for WA). There is an excellent article starting on page 15.

Talent Spring 2009 – the newsletter from Centre for Talent Development (Northwestern University in Illinois)
containing resources and ideas for parents and educators of gifted children.

The 2009 complete statistical summary of results can be read here.
The results from the testing in WA are included in the overall results with students in the USA who sat this test  (
this information is included in the results packet posted to you)

The WA results summary  can be found here.


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