The Eureka Program  – 2008 Courses and Workshops

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For your (morning) course workshop you will choose one of either

The Science of Sport
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Presenter: Mitch Bristow


What do I know? How Should I live my Life?

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Presenter: Dr Stephen Holden from Bond University in Queensland

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Career Planning: The Art of Spaghetti Diving Presenter Sarah Hammond
‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’
How many times have you faced that question from well meaning relatives and friends and been frustrated by not having any kind of clear answer? How do you put into one or two sentences all your dreams, all your passions? Is it even possible?

Career planning is a bit like diving into a bowl of spaghetti – a bit messy and something you might want to put off until later – but with some practical tips and tools from this workshop you can be swan diving off the high board without any problems.  Participants in this interactive and lively workshop will examine the relevance of values identification, goals and external influences and how they shape us into the adults we become.

Presenter: Sarah Hammond has 20 years experience in secondary teaching, recruitment and careers counselling in NSW and WA, and is currently working as full time Careers Counsellor at John XXIII College. She completed a Masters of Social Science (Career Education and Development) at RMIT in 2005 with a thesis titled ‘The Differences in Career Counselling for Gifted Adolescents’. In 2006, Sarah presented career planning workshops at the first GERRIC (UNSW) Residential Camp for Year 11 and 12 students, and has presented seminars on resume writing for UWA students. Sarah is a member of the Career Development Association of Australia.

Uniquely You  Presenters Derrin Cramer and Sian Chapman
Everyone has their own unique pattern of learning, behaviour and personality. With a spirit of fun, we will explore some of that variety and in doing so will help you to uncover your own unique pattern. Investigating the impact that this may have on interactions with other students in school, with teachers and learning experiences will help you to use these unique characteristics to get the best out of life. We will take a look at giftedness, learning styles, personal strengths, have some fun with personality, hear what music has to offer and even see what other young people think about the challenges of being gifted or highly able.


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