The Eureka Program 2008

The Eureka Program  is an exciting new initiative that will run from 29th September to 2nd October 2008

The Eureka Program is for gifted or highly able adolescents in Years 8 – 11. This 3 night residential camp will be held at New Norcia, about 90 minutes from Perth and is intended for students identified as gifted or performing at a very high level in secondary school. Students may be registered by their parents or by the school the student attends.

 A number of different sessions will run during the 3 ½ day program. Each morning students will participate in their selected course for approximately 4 hours. Sessions during the afternoon and evening will focus on a range of other topics including identity, thinking and learning, career planning plus skills for peak performance and leadership along with time to meet and mix with other gifted young people. Student groupings during the afternoon and evening sessions will differ from the subject based workshop groups of the morning to allow for maximum interaction.

Students will choose from either a science/math or humanities focus course for the morning sessions. These fast paced workshops will aim to stimulate interest and develop knowledge of the topic, with the content pitched at a high level. The Eureka Program will be held in residential accommodation at New Norcia. Class numbers are limited.

If you are passionate about learning, would like to meet other young people who share you passion, then the Eureka Program  may be of interest to you.

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Eureka FAQ's | Eureka Program | Eureka Workshops

Registrations close September 12th 2008

The Gifted and Talented Children’s Association of WA endorses this initiative as providing a valuable service for gifted young people in our state.


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