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Building Gifts into Talents: Brief Overview of the DMGT by Francoys Gagne

Fixed and Growth Mindset graphic

Too Tired: Energy and Wellness in 2E Children by Marlo Thurman

No-one said it was easy: Challenges of Parenting Twice Exceptional Children by Linda Nuemann

Underachievement and the Quest for Dignity by James Delisle

Improve your Gifted Classroom: 7 Ways in 7 Days by Ian Byrd

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Asia Pacific Conference Sydney July 2010
The Trouble with Gold Stars: Gifted Children’s Thoughts on Motivation Slides      Motivation reference list
Making a Difference: Passion and Big Picture Thinking Slides      Handout (summary)

Albany March 2010
What does a Gifted Child Look Like??
While life might be simpler if giftedness were as obvious as a physical difference, there are signs to look out for and many are evident from an early age. This seminar will provide you with some background about giftedness, look at some common characteristics and myths as well as looking at the social and emotional development of gifted kids.

Advocating for Best Results: How to approach the school about your child
The question of how to get the right opportunities for your child while keeping the school on side is one I am asked often. There are some key elements that allow you to advocate effectively and to work in partnership with the school. This seminar will cover what background you might need, what information to gather about your child to take to meetings and how to manage and keep track of things in the process of advocating. We will also look at how problems might arise as well as some of the things you might be advocating for. 


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