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Donwload CentreHere you will find articles, presentation and other information which can be downloaded. New items are added at the top of the page and older ones are periodically moved to the relevant Learn More page

 Welcome to the Wonderful and Challenging World of My Child An example of a document you can prepare prior to the start of the school year to share with the teacher. See more detail in the blog post Welcome to the Wonderful and Challenging World of my Child(Jan 2013)

Gifed Adults – The Norm can blow it out it’s ear. (this link takes you away from Thinking Ahead)

Like_Minds: Similarities and Differences in Intellectual Ability in gifted siblings

Ability_Levels and Educational Options by Fiona Smith

Mechanical Obstacles to Writing: What teachers can do to help students with learning problems (this link takes you away from Thinking Ahead)

10 ways to spot a twice exceptional child 

When Diagnosing ADHD consider the possibility of giftedness in some children

Developmental Dyslexia: Specific Phonological deficit or general sensorimotor dysfunction?

The visual spatial learner in school by Betty Maxwell (also included on the VS Learners page)

Eye To Eye – connecting with visual spatial learners

Simon Says Don’t Use Flashcards – a great article about the types of games you should play at home (instead of flashcards) to help increase your child’s ability to do well in school. (link takes you away from the Thinking Ahead site)

Teacher attitudes towards the gifted:professional development and school culture by Carly Lassig

Math anxiety – Personal, Educational and Cognitive Consequences by Mark Ashcraft

Personality development and the pursuit of excellence by Linda Silverman 

The moral sensitivity of gifted children and the evolution of society by Linda Silverman

Misdiagnosis and trends in thinking about gifted children with ADHD by Kylee Edwards

Who are the gifted using the new WISC IV? by Linda Silverman

Allowing Flowers to Bloom – Parenting gifted children, from Tall Poppies magazine (NZ)Feb 2010

from Parenting for High Potential March 2009

Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades by Sylvia Rimm (2E focus)

Gifted people and their ‘problems‘ by Francis Heylighen

GThe relationship of grouping practices to the educaiton of the giftred and talented learner: Research Based Decision Making by Karen Rogers

67 books every geek should read to their kid before they turn 10 from Geek Dad


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