Cookie Monster Riddle

Kilobyte level
but also suitable for Megabyte or Gigabyte level

with Megan Monks

Friday morning 16th July

Cost $42.50 ($37.50 + $5 materials fees)

You will be given a riddle that you will have to solve to work out the recipe for Basic Cookies.
The riddle will not end there however as you will need to make cookies in certain shapes. The cookies will then be cooked and available to be taken home – if they make it that far!

This workshop will be fun, challenging and satisfying to hungry stomachs. They students will have to measure and mix ingredients and learn about texture and taste. Each student will get a basic recipe mix, to which you can add ingredients and learn about which foods complement each other.

You will need to bring a container for your completed cookies, or at least for those not eaten immediately.

**PLEASE NOTE*** parents must complete a food permission slip in order for your child to participate in this workshop. Click here to download the form.

Megan Monks has been a teacher for 6 years teaching in both the public and catholic sector. She has also had the chance to teach in both the country and city. Recently she began to undertake formal training the Gifted and Talented area as she saw a growing need that was not being met.

She is primarily a Society and Environment teacher but loves the challenge of getting involved in other learning areas. Currently she is teaching History and finds it truly fascinating how the past shaped out present.

At her current school Emmanuel Catholic College the S&E department shares and office with the Science department and this has given her an insight into all the fun practical things that Science has to offer. Megan is also involved in a lot of afterhours sport and other activities. Away from school I love to cook – although more often than not the products of my cooking frenzies end up in the classroom or office. In particular I love to bake – cookies, cakes, slice are just some of my favourites.


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