The CONNECT Program 2010

Print and Post Student Enrolment Form (payments by cheque only)

Click here for the Online registration form for CONNECT (for credit car payments using a secure payment system)
You will receive email confirmation approx 2 weeks before the workshops. We will contact you immediately if there are any problems with your registration.

Student Enrolment Form (post with payment) Print this page and complete one form per child

Child’s Details

Family name:

Given name:

Name tag to say


Suburb                                                Postcode

Parent’s Email

Home telephone


Date of Birth                                       M       F

Year at school (2010)                            School

Type of school      Government     Independent    Catholic     Home school     Other

Would you like information about future programs?

                Yes              No

From time to time we may take photographs for publicity purposes. Names are not used except with permission.  Please indicate your preference.

    My child may be photographed                My child may not be photographed

Anything we need to be aware of ? (access, medication, allergies etc) If your child has a medical condition you must indicate here


Parent /Guardian contact details during workshop session times

Name of parent / guardian

Contact number during the day

Alternative contact name

Alternative contact phone number

TOTAL ENCLOSED IN PAYMENT FOR THIS PROGRAM  $ __________________       (cost for this program is $225 inc GST)

 Registrations can not be accepted without payment.

PAYMENT (credit card payments can only be accepted via the secure payment service and the online Registration form)

  Cheque enclosed (please make all cheques payable to Thinking Ahead Extension Workshops)

I have read and understand the cancellation policy below

Cancellation Policy
A refund less 20% administration costs will be made in the case of cancellation by you up to 14 days prior to the workshop date, provided the workshop still reaches minimum numbers. No refund will be issued if you cancel within 14 days of the workshop commencing except where a medical certificate is provided. If the program is cancelled due to insufficient enrolments, all registration fees will be refunded.  The organisers reserve the right to change the advertised program should circumstances require, although all efforts will be made to provide a similar experience or workshop.

Please post this form with your payment to

Thinking Ahead PO Box 171, COMO WA 6952

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