Thinking Ahead


How to choose the right level………(the thing we get asked most often)

In these workshops children are grouped DEVELOPMENTALLY rather than by age or school year.

The groups are as follows:

Level 1     work presented will be at approximately Grade1- 3 level

Level 2     work presented will be at approximately Grade 4-6 level

Level 3     work presented will be at approximately Grade 7- 9 level

What this means is that  the teacher will be presenting content, concepts and language typically found in these year groups. It DOES NOT mean that the children need to be in these year groups to attend these workshops.

You place your child in the workshop that best matches their abilities or talents, keeping in mind any prerequisites that may be indicated. If they are gifted, very bright or sitting comfortably near the top of their year level, you may want to consider the workshops suited to a year or 2 above their current school year, particularly if they are near the changes between levels. You know your child best, but don’t be tempted to underestimate their ability! (we will let you know if we think they are out of their depth)

As an example, a gifted Kindy age child, may cope with Level 1 workshops, especially if it is an area of particular interest or talent.

Middle Primary aged children who are avid readers with strong language or writing skills may want to choose a language workshop at Level 3……

It is also possible that your child may want to sample workshops at different levels according to their strengths or particular talents. This is OK!!!

If you are still not sure where is the best place, please contact either John or Derrin and we will try to help.

Thinking Ahead Extension Workshops  Mail address:  3/37 Preston St Como WA 6152