Do you recognise some of these traits in your child?

Gifted children may:
• Walk and / or talk early
• Have an unusual sense of humour
• Be very curious and ask complex questions
• Show an early or intense interest in books, often learning to read at a young age
• Make unusual connections between topics
• Be self motivated, perfectionist, persistent or independent
• Have a long attention span and unusual memory for details or facts
• Learn rapidly, with little practice
• Think faster than they are able to write
• Prefer the company of older children
• Have unusual perception and problem solving ability
• Worry about adult issues and problems
• Need less sleep than most children
• Not always show their abilities in a school setting

This is not a complete list. A gifted child may not necessarily display ALL of these characteristics.

If you recognise some of these in your child, you may want to look at the following characteristics of learning and behaviour.

Learning and behavioural characteristics common to gifted and talented students



 adapted from Exceptionally Able Children, 1997, rev. ed., Education Dept. of W.A., East Perth and Porter, L. 1999, Gifted Young Children: A Guide for Teachers and Parents Allen and Unwin NSW

Please remember that children will not show ALL of these characteristics.


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