Build a Village

Kilobyte level

with Derrin Cramer

Thursday afternoon 19 April

Cost $39 ($37 course cost $2 materials cost)

What do town planners need to know before they start to plan and build a new town or village? Which things are important? Which are nice extras? What happens if we leave something out? Come along and brainstorm, min map, think about population and landscape and then design and build a model of your village. By examining and comparing what others have built, you will be able to modify and improve your plan.

You will need to bring your pencil case with pencils, coloured pencils or textas , scissors and glue. Please bring a old shirt to protect your clothing

Derrin Cramer is a teacher with 10 years experience in schools in the Mid West region. She holds a Certificate of Gifted Education (Distinction) from University of New South Wales and also taught in the GERRIC Poppyseeds program in Sydney. She is currently working with St Stephen’s School in Duncraig co-ordinating programs for their gifted students in the Junior School. Derrin also works as a gifted education consultant working with parents and schools. She has 2 daughters who provided the catalyst to organizing these workshops – their need for extension and to mix with other like minded kids may be something you are familiar with too! 

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