5 4 3 2 1…. Blast Off!!

Kilobyte, Megabyte and Gigabyte levels (suitable for all ages)

with Michelle Varnavides

ALL DAY Wednesday 15th July

Cost $77

Students will be making a diorama (scene in a box) that contains all their imagined elements of an astronaut’s trip into space. We will construct a rocket, a space scene, model aliens, render planets as well as watch some fantastic space mini presentations to familiarize ourselves with different elements of the galaxy

Close your eyes, become an astronaut for a minute and what it is like in space. In this workshop you will build a diorama (a scene in a box) containing all the elements your astronaut self imagined. you will construct a rocket, a space scene, model aliens, you will render planets and also watch some fantastic space mini presentation to familiarise yourself with the different elements of the galaxy.

You will need to bring  a 2 x 2cm photo of yourself so you can become the astronaut in your diorama

You will need to wear an art shirt and wear old clothes

To attend this workshop you need a little physical dexterity, to manage the cutting and gluing!

Michelle  teaches art to gifted art students at Kalamunda Senior High School. She has a Fine Arts degree and a Post Grad in Education as well as a Post Grad in Gifted and Talented education. My kids have awarded her a certificate of Making Things, as she loves to make things, and has done all her life. Making things turned into a business that has sold her products to 50 outlets around the world including Germany, London, and Singapore.


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