Beijing Olympics: Its More Than a Game

Megabyte and Gigabyte levels

with Lisa Fiora

ALL DAY Wednesday July 16

Cost: $81 ($74 workshop fee plus $7 material fee)

If you have an interest in the Olympics and sports then this is the day for you.
Throw yourself info an exciting and challenging day that will engage both body and mind, based around the upcoming Beijing Olympics. It involves much more than just looking at the games. You will get an insight into the history of China and the Olympics, look into the significance of it starting on the 08/08/08. By the end of the day you will have a feel for Chinese culture, trying some origami and the ancient Chinese problem solving game tangram.

During the day we will also hold a mini Olympics tournament which you will get actively involved in.  Part of the workshop will be held in a computer lab where we will be focusing on recording results and drawing conclusions from them.

You will need to wear clothes that are appropriate for physical activities.

You will also need to bring your pencil case with coloured pencils, textas etc. A USB Flash Drive would be useful (but not essential) as would a folder to take your work home in.

Lisa Fiora completed her Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Financial Accounting and Management in 2004. She then completed a Diploma in Education with a Major in Business Studies and a Minor in Mathematics. Computers are used a lot in the areas she teaches and as a result she has integrated ICT into her students learning environment.
 She says she has always been interested in sports and the Olympics, so sees this as a great opportunity to explore these areas. She is passionate about integrating different areas in learning and getting students actively involved in their own learning experiences.

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