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Revised: 26/03/10
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The Effects of Sibling Competition Information about how sibling competition can increase underachievement, the effects on two close aged same gender children, following a very talented older child, being the baby of the family and what parents can do to create a ‘whole smart family’.

Rimm’s Laws A cartoon style representation of 12 Laws relating to the achievement of gifted children.

Minds that Soar a page of links and resources relating to gifted twice exceptional kids

On Raising Gifted Kids – a newsletter by Sylvia Rimm. Sections include putting up a united front, the parent-teacher united front and anti-arguing instructions.

Good Vision isn’t just about good glasses.

What’s wrong with my child?: Getting to the root cause of learning difficulties Useful information to parents seeking to understand why their child might not be achieving as well as expected, but haven’t been able to get to the bottom of why that might be.

Some Do’s and Don’ts for Raising a Gifted Child Some useful pointers to help on the journey when raising a gifted child. Covers a wide range of areas.

The Top 10 Signs of Giftedness in Adulthood Contrary to popular belief, giftedness is not characterized by high intelligence alone. Gifted adults exhibit common personality traits and face similar challenges on the road to self-understanding. You may find signs of yourself in this article.

I Cant Write an interesting article about dysgraphia and handwriting

Ruf Estimates of Levels of Giftedness While Deborah Ruf’s these levels are somewhat controversial at present, the article gives some useful indicators of early development for children at different levels of giftedness. More information can be found in Ruf, D. L. (2005). Losing our minds: Gifted children left behind. Scottsdale, AZ: Great Potential Press.

Is it a Cheetah? by Stephanie Tolan This article uses the analogy of the cheetah to to confront issues of identification and provision for gifted children

Prufrock Press
Books, articles, journals, gifted discussions (US based), resources for differentiating instruction across many subject areas. Sections for Parents as well as teachers makes this an excellent resource. Also check out the blog and podcasts available on the site.

Prufrock’s Gifted Child Information Blog covers a range of topics that may be of interest

GT Cybersource forms part of The Davidson Institute for Talent Development (in Nevada) and has an excellent collection of articles by well respected researchers.

Links to a collection of articles primarily about gifted teens and adolescents Covers adjustment, emotional issues, gender, education and a range of connected issues.

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