Secure payment using Paymate Express for Online Registrations and Orders

 The information below comes from the Paymate website. For further information please visit the Paymate Express website where you can follow the Learn More link.

What is Paymate?

Paymate is a secure, accurate and reliable Internet payment service available to individuals, businesses and other organisations.

You can use Paymate to make secure payments to any registered Paymate client, without divulging your personal or financial details to them. You can use a credit card to make a payment from any of 37 countries, in either Australian Dollars or US Dollars. You do NOT need to be registered with Paymate to make an Express Payment via credit card!

 Simply use the Pay Now link on the Paymate Website or follow the link on the  Online Registration forms

Accepted Credit Cards Paymate accepts Visa, MasterCard and Bankcard. Bankcard can only be used to pay in Australian Dollars.

Pay via credit card for safe and secure trading
With Paymate

Low cost with no hidden charges

Sending Payments

You do not have to be registered with Paymate to Make a Payment but you can only pay registered clients. (Thinking Ahead Extension Workshops is a registered client)

Click on the ‘Paymate Express’ image and simply fill in the form presented. You will need the email address of the person you want to pay, your email address and the payment amount.

If you are not registered, you can fill in your credit card details to make a payment. If you are a registered client of Paymate, enter your username and password and select the account you want to make a payment from. Then check the details of the payment before you click the ‘make payment’ button.

Registered clients can also log in to Paymate and click on the ‘Make a Payment’ tab located at the top of the page, fill in the form, and click the "make payment " button.

Paymate will then debit your credit card and send an email to the recipient letting them know the payment is on the way. If you pay via credit card, money will be deposited in the recipients account after one entire business day has expired.

With Paymate

Who is Paymate?

Paymate Pty Ltd is a privately-held company incorporated in New South Wales, Australia and headquartered in Sydney. We were established in July 2000 and provide information, risk and financial management services tailored for global e-commerce. We provide secure, reliable and innovative Internet-based services to individuals and businesses in Australia and overseas. Our mission is to help Australians trade with the world.

Paymate Pty Ltd ABN 91 093 528 002

Thinking Ahead Extension Workshops ABN 50 017 429 348
PO Box 171 Como Western Australia 6952