A is for Algebra……….. So why do we always use x?

Megabyte and Gigabyte levels

with Fiona Anthony

Tuesday afternoon 14th July

Cost $38(course fee $37 materials fee $1)

In this workshop students will explore number patterns and develop strategies for solving and graphing simple algebraic expressions and equations.  Students who have not yet been exposed to algebra will discover the joy in finding the missing number and solving an equation.  Students who have had some exposure to algebra concepts can develop and extend their skills with more complex algebraic equations.

The concepts covered in this workshop cover predominantly Level 4 and 5 outcomes generally taught in Year 8.  High school students may be interested in taking this workshop to consolidate and build upon concepts already covered.  Extension into higher level algebra can be introduced if the need arises.

To attend this workshop you need to be able at mathematics in Year 4 or above.  Very able mathematicians who are currently in Year 3 may be accepted.

You need to bring an exercise book, pencil case with ruler, eraser, HB or 2B pencils. A calculator may be useful but is not essential.

Fiona Anthony has been involved in science and maths education for 20 years. She has an Honours degree in Chemistry and has taught science and chemistry at a number of Independent schools in Perth including Penrhos college and Iona Presentation College. Fiona has 3 daughters who share her love of learning about the world we live in.


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