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Thinking Ahead Extension Workshops began in 2001, in Geraldton in regional Western Australia prompted by the need to provide opportunities for Derrin’s daughters to mix with other gifted children and explore ideas not covered in school. The first workshops were held on weekends during the school terms. In 2003 The family relocated to Perth and Thinking Ahead grew and expanded.

Holiday workshops began in Perth in 2003 and quickly became very popular with more than 100 children aged between 4 and 12 years of age particpating each holidays. Workshops continued under the Thinking Ahead banner until 2010 when a reorganisation of services saw the workshop organisation handed over to Quest Lifelearning.

Thinking Ahead has also provided support for parents and teachers in the form of education planning, strategies and information about giftedness. Between 2005 and when she retired from working in the field of giftedness in 2013 Derrin worked directly with more than 350 families and their gifted children providing information about giftedness, education planning and advocacy support. She no longer consults but the information most often shared with parents can be found in her books The Beginners Guide to Life on the Bright Side and Gifted and Thriving at School: How proactive parents can get the education that fits their child – to provide parents with the information most often covered in consultations. These books follow the Resource Book for Parents and Teachers in WA which has been republished every 3 years since 2004 (now out of print). The Thinking Ahead website continues to provide parents with access to a wide range of information.

A number of successful conferences and seminars were organised and run by Thinking Ahead since 2004 with many Professional Learning sessions for teachers and schools also provided on site in city and regional schools and also interstate.

Having spent many years living in a regional area, Derrin strongly supported rural families and travelled regularly to speak with parents and present seminars in country towns across the breadth of Western Australia.

Derrin Cramer

Derrin Cramer

Derrin has now retired from active work in the field of gifted education but her background and experience led her to write a number of books for parents and teachers of gifted children which are still available.

With almost twenty years’ experience working with gifted children, Derrin Cramer provided families with education planning advice relating to the social, emotional and academic needs of this unique population, as well as providing specialist support to teachers and schools. As the parent of two gifted daughters, she drews on both her parent and teacher perspectives in her work as a consultant. When not travelling, she lives in Perth, Western Australia.

In addition to her work as a gifted education consultant, Derrin also worked as a specialist teacher of gifted children, establishing programs for these students in an independent school. Along with her experience as a parent, teacher and consultant, Derrin draws on what she has learned through formal study.  She has added a Certificate of Gifted Education (UNSW) and Master of Education (Gifted and Talented) (UNE) to her initial teaching qualification (Dip.Teach ECE). Over the years she has been involved with state, national and international bodies representing the interests of gifted children and remained an active researcher in the gifted community until 2013, regularly presenting at conferences in Australia and overseas.

Derrin is the author of three books –
The Beginner’s Guide to Life on the Bright Side (2012),

Gifted and Thriving at School (2012)

Gifted Children: Resources for Parents and Teachers in WA (3rd edition, 2010). Now out of print, sorry.